Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday in Spanish Point

Yesterday we drove 5 hours to Kilkee in county Clare in a monsoon. It was a scary drive down to say the least but we got there in one piece. We have been going to Kilkee on and off for 18 years now and I always love the sight of the crashing Atlantic Ocean when you drive into the seaside cove and when we finally arrived it was dramatic and stormy with the crazy weather conditions we are having this month - more like November than August!

Today we had a break in the weather so we took a trip out to Spanish Point with all of my nieces and nephews and we got a few minutes on the beach before the heavens opened. There were amazing frothy waves on the shore - which reminded me of a sea of frothy Guinness. It really was bizarre to watch -some of the local surfers were having fun pretending to scrub each other's backs down. I couldn't resist sneaking a photo or two...

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