Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mamma Mia

Last night we decided to take the girls to see Mamma Mia the movie. Lucy protested loudly that it was 'soooo boring' but that's ok as she's almost 5 years old. OMG it was so much fun - I laughed, cried and at times had to restrain myself from jumping out of my seat singing! What a great feel good movie - don't miss it. I now have the soundtrack downloaded to my ipod and have been singing at the top of my voice all day;-)

I took the morning off today and treated myself to a morning in town all by myself - no little people harrassing me for ice cream or treats, no one complaining about their legs being tired to walk - just me all by myself and it was bliss. I took a trip up to the National Gallery to see the Impressionist Interiors Exhibition which was really interesting. Then I took a stroll around Trinity College and reminisced on my old college days.

So this leads me to my day 2 photograph which reminds me of my day off in town;-)

Day 2 - Day off in town

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