Friday, August 01, 2008

A photo a day challenge????

Anyone want to join me - I've challenged myself to record a photo a day for the month of August. I have a simple 8x8 chipboard album covered and ready to go from Kelly Crafts so all I need to do is take a photo a day and scrap it as a visual diary of how the month went. Great way of using up those scraps! Anyone???

So here's my Day 1 - Colour outside the lines ...and this is going to be my theme for the month, it's not going to be a perfectly scrapped and co-ordinated album. It will be a mish mash of all my thoughts and activities over the month, a little flavour of how I live my life. This photo is also an ickle private joke (right Avril? hahaha!)

Day 1 Colour outside the lines

1 comment:

littlebit said...

Great Idea ... think I may just join you there!!

Love the new look blog too. And the photos of your brother are great.