Saturday, August 16, 2008

Maggie May's Birthday Album

For weeks there have been whispers and emails going back and forward about Maggie May's (Mary's) special birthday - we called it operation MAGPIE. It was Carrie's lovely idea to arrange a special gift for this special lady. Lots of the girls created an entry or card for Mary's birthday album and Carrie put it all together last Saturday and we presented it to her along with a beautiful hand made cake by the talented Liz/Littlebit. Mary's face was priceless - she had absolutely no idea we were going to surprise her. The album is a testament to how much we all love and respect her artistic talents - she's one in a million. Happy Birthday Mary!

Carrie's Cover

Carrie's Entry

Audrey's entry

Jackie M's entry

Lainey's entry

Elisa's entry

Cards by Anne O'Kelly & Isobel

Cards by Audrey and Val

Cards by Julie M and Janet

Card by Tracy

Audrey's art

Card by Linda K

Cards by Annamarie and Kiki

Carrie's handsewn album cover

Please let me know if I have left your name out ;-)Thanks to everyone who took part. Mary was thrilled with the album.


JACKIE M said...

Wow what Fantastic artwork there!It is really beautiful thanks for showing I was dying to see it =0)

Elisa said...

Thanks for posting the photos, Elaine, I was dying to see everybody's work.

And Mary's face is priceless!!!!

Happy Birthday Mary!

Audrey said...

thanks for posting Elaine - great to see it all again.

Kiki said...

It was such a lovely idea !!! Mary is one in a million and she deserves such a celebration !! My card is the one next to Annamarie's. :D

eva birdthistle said...

Wow, thats amazing and I know she'd love it!