Monday, August 04, 2008

IKEA revisted!

So it's bank holiday here but not up north-a perfect opportunity to exploit the advantage and sneak another trip to IKEA in and avoid the rush and queues. We had a great time - my mum and the girls came along - a ploy engineered by himself to provide maximum distraction from shopping. ;-) Unfortunately for him the plan backfired as we got a slot at the creche AND there were clowns and face painters to entertain them for ages which was NOT part of the plan (mwahahahahahaha!). To cut a long story short - or a short trip long - I came away armed with a new storage unit that I have been spying on for ages - more photos of that later -along with some other bits n bobs.

So this is the unit I bought and it is the absolute biz! I have to offer total credit for the idea to Donna Downey as I saw her studio on her blog and realised that it was exactly what I was looking for. I now have a place for everything and everything is accessible at last! I even have more floor space which is a bonus. It's a 25 cube unit and the best thing is it holds all my 12x12 paper trays. No more wallpapar tables for me!

Unfortunately we have to wait another 18 months for it to open in Dublin. I know how I will be spending my weekends then ;-)


kathj said...

photos please! lol, I got a shelf/storage unit up there but its still in the box waiting on DH to put it up, but he is waiting until we get a skip and clear out some stuff first. Cant wait for it to get to Dublin!

L-Bee said...

Love the shelving/storage unit...... I've yet to get to IKEA but I will!!!!!!

Audrey said...

wow - looks fab!