Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of school

Well the day has finally come when I pack off my baby to 'big' school and she went in without a hitch. She wore the prettiest little pink and white dress complete with matching dress for baby 'Rosie' and she looked a picture as she strutted her way through the yard and into her classroom, barely stopping to say goodbye. Maybe it's second child syndrome or 2 years of montessori but first day at school ain't the drama and tears it used to be in my day. Kids are so confident and independent at 5 that this milestone is more of big deal for the mammies than the kiddies.

When I picked her up at 12.00 she came running out beaming at me that she got a sticker 'cos she got on 'brill-iant-lee' and in the next breath she told me that she got detention. I suspect she was kidding - at least I hope she was!

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jinxi said...

What sweet girls.. Your blog is beautiful! :)