Saturday, June 16, 2007

Live Laugh Love....
This is my take on the talented Karen Burniston's 'Borderline' class at this month's Scrapaganza event. I made some adjustments for my version of it - such as the introduction of a lollipop stick to secure the blind and moveable gates which flip open etc I had fun with this one, especially the decoupage effect of the photos as they really pop out and I just love the new papers by Rhona Farrar (Autumn Leaves).

And here is Karen's original DLO which I used to display a trip to Rome. It's a perfect travel LO as there are so many hiding places for photos and journalling...

And on the subject of Scrapaganza - here are some of my projects...

My Claudine Hellmuth inspired Scrapaganza journal/planner - which I designed to keep me organised to hold my schedule, memorabila and photos...

Dyan Reavely's perfect pearl's (Pearl Gearl) class. Great technique's!

Then we have Lisa Bearnson's My simple Truth class - really enjoyed this as we wrote a poem for the internal journalling inside.

And I couldn't resist showing you my signed copy of CK by my good pal Lisa;-)

This is Emily Adam's quirky little staggered book - nice papers and stickers used.

And a really cool class called Him and Her based on giant playing cards...loved this one!

Finally another fav of mine -If I had a heart by Junkitz. It was a fantastic class -really generous kit with lots leftover. I used the poem for journaling by EE Cummings 'I carry your heart' which inspired me while watching ER last week:-)

I had loads of fun at the Crop today so thanks to everyone who came along (especially Donna who was bombarded with her half price closing down sale!!! Wow the bargains were amazing! Thanks also to Linda of Kelly Crafts and Jackie for her fab watercolour demo. What a day!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Perfect Day!

Maggie May's original
Have you ever had one of those days where it was just perfect - glorious sunshine and nothing to do but chill out in the garden...that's the kind of day I had today... What made it extra perfect was that during the week I gave a lift to Maggie May from arc angels and she was telling me about her students whom she gives art lessons. My antennae went up when I heard this as it's been years since I dabbled in paint and have always planned to get back to it. So I asked her to call over this morning and treat us to a watercolour lesson. Carrie, Auds and Linda came over last night as Ed was away and we crafted til the wee hours, messing with Gesso and other acrylics (fab!!!). This morning we had so much fun learning the various techniques. Maggie May is a great no nonsense teacher and if you are doing it wrong she will set you on the right road. We were all so thrilled with our creations...what do you think?

And while we were playing with paint Linda really kindly agreed to babysit in the garden. She got the 4 girls to sit in the shade and make beautiful iced biscuits. The kids had such a ball and then then they played 'sports day' . After the girls left at lunchtime I played on with my paints in the garden. I'm working on a big canvas - lets just say it's a little bit blue!!! Eva helped me in parts but wanted to know why she cant paint any fish and mermaids in the sea....hhmm now there's an idea! When it's finished I might show it but at the moment I'm just enjoying learning how to use the materials I have been afraid of for ages. The girls were inspired by our art lessons and proceeded to paint their garden toys - even the patio. TG it's water based and should wash away with the nexy rainfall!!! They got dressed in their swimmers and we blew up the rubber dinghy and they splashed around for hours making 'it's a knockout' style waterworld adventures. We finished up with a lovely family dinner in the garden with Lucy entertaining us with her funny stories. Perfect day!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It was AWESOME!!!!!

As my good pal ;-) Lisa Bearnson would say Scrapaganza Holland was just AWESOME!!! I'm literally in the door and haven't even looked at the 4 bags/cases I brought home (funny I'm sure I left with two haha!!!!). It was the bestest weekend ever- never stopped laughing and scrapping all weekend. From the moment we met up to go to the airport we were like giggling schoolgirls on a school tour...

When we arrived in Schippol airport we were like a group of Japanese tourists in the duty free shops, snapping photos of clogs and tulips for our scrap pages (teehee!!!)

We bumped into the other UK/French/German scrappers at the big red meeting point in the airport and the lovely Eveline directed us to our double decker bus where were transported to the hotel. Along the way I was really struck by how flat Holland is - you can see for miles. There were really pretty villages and fields of alliums all along the bicycle lined routes. The Dutch have a great healthy lifestyle - everyone cycles everywhere!

So we checked into Hotel Zuiderduin at Egmond en zee. We were starving after the journey so we pottered down to the local village area to grab a bite. It's a lovely seaside town - miles of white sandy coastline and little white wooden shops and bars.

After a lovely pizza and an even nicer Italian waiter :-) who insisted that we called back to see him later, we wandered down to the beach across the road. It was roasting and we just sat on the beach for 20 minutes taking in the views. Soon it was time to go to our first classes of the evening. I took two classes - Lida and Michelle's 'Sing a Song named life' - a really novel idea. Then it was Lisa Bearnson's 'All About Me'. She is an amazing presenter - she really communicates with her audience. It was the first scrapbooking 'lecture' of sorts I had attended and it was inspiring to see how she approaches her style. She is really generous with her time and stopped to meet, talk, sign and pose for photos with anyone who wanted to meet her. Joanne and I did our utmost to persuade her to come to Ireland - so watch this space!!!! haha!!!

Both classes were fantastic and I was amazed at the amount of kit we got. It's fantastic when they are sponsored by the US manufacturers! Afterwards we picked up our (generous!!!) goody bags and went to the crop and shop hall - OMG I thought I died and went to heaven! It wasn't the size of the shops but the quality of the materials they had - everything you could wish for. I felt I was in a supermarket sweep grabbing from this stand and that. At 11.30pm they threw us out of the crop room so we had no choice but to go to the bar!

Next day I had a really busy schedule -6 classes in all. I had 2 more of the 4 part class with Lida and Michelle. Again - another box of materials were handed out. Then I had a lovely tin album (Junkitz) 'If I had a heart..' and then a little mini album with Emily Adams 'Staggering possibilities'. I then took Lisa's second class 'My Simple Truth' where we did a BOM mini folder album and composed a poem about ourselves - loved it! She signed my copy of Creating Keepsakes (100th edition) so I was chuffed to bits!

We finished the classes with Dyan's perfect pearls class - loved the technique! Then it was party time. Scrapaganza are great at getting people involved. They had lots of games and entertainment lined up for us. At the raffle - we were sitting around the table and I announced that I was going to win the big shot (totally tongue in cheek). Next thing the guy calls my number out've guessed it...THE BIG SHOT! I was thrilled to bits - apart from the bit where he disputed my ticket because it had one line under the number and he had two lines so he announced there was a problem and was there any one else in the hall with my number ( ...Skarlet!!!!) I wanted to sit down disreetly but eventually he agreed the prize was mine and I got the ribbing of my life from the girls. Isobel said I had a pact with the devil! haha!

We had such a great night which finished up in the bar (quel surprise!) and lots of hilarious stories of bad interviews and interviewees we've all had. Joanne's and Annamarie's stories made us cry with laughter (...Interviewer-do you have a car? Interviewee - eh no but I'm in a draw for one!)...

So next day (Sunday) it was the fun part of packing and trying to work out how to get our stuff home without being screwed by the airlines in charges. I took another 3 classes (Lida and Michelle's part 4, Him and Her and Karen Burniston's wonderful 'Borderline'. The woman is an engineering genious with paper! Then I found out I came second in both of the competitions set by SAGA - a LO on your craft obsession and the mini album. Well chuffed I was!

Then it was a quick dash to the airport, a few scary moments when we thought we were going to be foiled for having too much hand luggage (ahem 15kg's in my case!) but phew we got checked in by a decent girl who threw a blind eye at our stuffed bags hidden behind the desk and our lop sided shoulders from carrying them. Then it was a quick bite to eat at the airport - more giggles and funny stories. We were still giddy going through security and the attendent took one look at my passport then my face then my passport then my face.... The only thing I could think of to say was 'Im tired! Ive been to Amsterdam for the weekend'. How we werent arrested with the giggles! Then Sharon gets pulled over for having a pokey tool and hammer in her hand luggage. The whole episode was priceless!

So then a sedate flight home where we all nearly slept as we were wrecked. And of course the best bit when you walk in at 11pm and the kids are standing there with hugs and kisses and requests for their presents! Definitely one of the best weekends I've had ever so thanks to all the girls for the memories! Roll on next time!

And here's my haul - well part of it. I have a shipment from Holland arriving any day soon...