Saturday, June 09, 2007

Perfect Day!

Maggie May's original
Have you ever had one of those days where it was just perfect - glorious sunshine and nothing to do but chill out in the garden...that's the kind of day I had today... What made it extra perfect was that during the week I gave a lift to Maggie May from arc angels and she was telling me about her students whom she gives art lessons. My antennae went up when I heard this as it's been years since I dabbled in paint and have always planned to get back to it. So I asked her to call over this morning and treat us to a watercolour lesson. Carrie, Auds and Linda came over last night as Ed was away and we crafted til the wee hours, messing with Gesso and other acrylics (fab!!!). This morning we had so much fun learning the various techniques. Maggie May is a great no nonsense teacher and if you are doing it wrong she will set you on the right road. We were all so thrilled with our creations...what do you think?

And while we were playing with paint Linda really kindly agreed to babysit in the garden. She got the 4 girls to sit in the shade and make beautiful iced biscuits. The kids had such a ball and then then they played 'sports day' . After the girls left at lunchtime I played on with my paints in the garden. I'm working on a big canvas - lets just say it's a little bit blue!!! Eva helped me in parts but wanted to know why she cant paint any fish and mermaids in the sea....hhmm now there's an idea! When it's finished I might show it but at the moment I'm just enjoying learning how to use the materials I have been afraid of for ages. The girls were inspired by our art lessons and proceeded to paint their garden toys - even the patio. TG it's water based and should wash away with the nexy rainfall!!! They got dressed in their swimmers and we blew up the rubber dinghy and they splashed around for hours making 'it's a knockout' style waterworld adventures. We finished up with a lovely family dinner in the garden with Lucy entertaining us with her funny stories. Perfect day!


Audrey said...

Thanks for such a brill weekend Elaine !!! I had so much fun, and tried so much new stuff I feel really inspired - Thanks so much to Carrie and Maggie May !!!!!

Tigger's rambling said...

Great paitings, well done girls and good on Maggie May for doing the lessons.

Sounds like you had a great weekend :-)

eva birdthistle said...

Looks like ye girls had a fab time :-) Love the art work!

Rebecca said...

What beautiful work. I so wish I could have come to a watercolour class.

Thanks for visiting my blog.