Monday, February 02, 2009


We woke up to a blanket of snow this morning - the first major snowfall since my kids were born 8 and 5 years ago. They were fascinated to see it and it was great to see them amazed by it all. You sometimes forget that the things you take for granted are totally new experiences when you are under 3 foot tall;-)

I had to take Eva back to the doctor today as she's been running a fever on and off since Wednesday. She seems a little better today so will keep and eye on her for another day or two before starting her on antib's. On the way home from the doc's I drove around the Phoenix Park to see the snow (it's a novelty afterall!). It was beautiful and I caught some of it on camera. I've been waiting a long time to get some snow photos - I have plenty of papers crying out for some snow photos LOL! As expected it was all melted away by the time I picked Lucy up from school. Maybe we'll get more tomorrow and keep the little one's happy...

So to crafty things, I've finished preparing my class for next weekend and it's called 'One Day...' The theme is apt for valentines day/wedding or a love themed photograph and we will be using a fab new transparency from Prima Marketing. We will also be incorporating a little pop up heart journaling booklet into the layout. There's plenty of space available if you would like to join us and all beginners are welcome...Here's some sneaky peaks of the project ;-)

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