Saturday, January 31, 2009

Temps and viruses...

Another week of hot foreheads and calpol dosing for my two. I think the worst is nearly over thankfully as it's been a long few days running between them and keeping them cool. I wonder will they thank me for this in years to come?

Anyway had a good week all things considered. Another 2.5lbs down on WW so that's over half a stone since New Years. I'm still loving my WII fit and have started walking between school runs so feeling the benefit of that too. I gave up the vino for January (as did DH) and we managed to stay off so had our first glass tonight - well it is Saturday and tomorrow is February (haha!). Hope I can keep up my good habits and keep my focus to reach my goal...for the first time in a long time I'm really committed to getting healthy not just for me but for my kids sake too..

So onto crafts - I haven't had a chance to show this yet. My lovely talented pal Caroline made this Noriko Bag for me for Christmas and get this..she ran it up out of leftover curtain material!!! This girl's talent is so wasted - I frequently tell her she should have her work on etsy as it is amazing. I feel so lucky to own this and can't wait to get the dress and shoes to match LOL! If you would like to have a go at making this bag yourself check out her blog here as she has uploaded full instructions. Thank you Carrie XX

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Lynn said...

am very jealous of that gorgeous bag Lainey. love Carries stuff so much. And well done at WW. I want to lose some weight myself and you have inspired me to get started!