Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a Loser!

...A WW loser that it...It's official -I'm back on the Weight Watchers wagon since last week and I've just kick started by losing 3 lbs. I have to say I'm feeling so much better for all the fruit and veg and leaving out the junk. It's quiet shocking when you stop and count up the points of stuff that gets put away without even thinking about it. Naughty habits that have to go so my new friend is sugar free jelly and pineapple rings.

Since Christmas I've been having so much fun with WII fit - I LOVE how it nags you..'I noticed you didn't check in yesterday (ahem!)'. My BMI is coming down along with my weight so all's good. Well every marathon starts with a step then a mile - so in my case I've just done 3 miles! We had such a lot of fun over Christmas with people in for a few drinks and we had them skiing and hula hooping into the wee hours...very entertaining altogether!

So anyone joining me on WW or WII? Maybe if I'm feeling brave later I'll post up before and after photos - nothing like a birthday deadline to get you motivated!


Jaime S said...

Hey Lainey, I'm on a health kick too, I'm taking it slow and haven't done much with food yet. I cut out pastries and buying chocolate while I'm at work (basically avoiding going to the shop downstairs and going for walks instead).

BUT With exercise I'm getting up earlier in the morning and doing situps and stuff three mornings a week and Wii Fit the other three mornings :). And yes, when I got on the WiiFit again it told me I hadn't been on since April, though it didn't dwell on it, just registered I'd gained weight even since then and got on with it all again.

So much fun, why did I stop?

I know all about weight watchers, so I guess when I get more serious about the food side I'll be counting points too :).

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

HI Lainey... so nice of you to drop by my blog! I love your photography and scrapping...