Monday, February 23, 2009

Mischief Monkey...

Lucy is the one that I have to watch in my house - her mischief bemuses me as often as it tests my patience. She made me laugh this week for 2 reasons;

I noticed on Sunday while I was away that she had painted her nails herself;

Me 'Lucy what's that on your nails?'
Her 'I wanted to paint my nails all sparkly'
Me 'That's lovely Lucy'....then I noticed it!
Me 'Lucy what's that on your eyelids?'
Her 'I wanted my eyes to be sparkly too'
Me 'Shriek - close your eyes and don't move' AAArggghh! Thankfully it was the kiddies water soluble variety. Try explaining that to A&E! {edited to add - ...and no before you ask... I resisted the urge to grab the camera first before the clean up operation!!!}

An hour later I was in my bedroom and noticed in the place where I keep my hairdryer and brushes that there was a 4 inch clump of beautiful blonde hair stuffed in the corner. And then I noticed my craft scissors!
Me 'Lucy is this your hair?'
Her 'Yes Mammy - my fringe was a little bit long so I made it nice and tidy'

Definitely one to watch! I need eyes in the back of my head!


Carrie said...

Oh Elaine, I can just see her cute little face looking up at you and her being very pleased with herself. Enjoy every little moment like this (it doesn't last lol)

Neasa said...

It must be the week for "homemade" haircuts! DD did her fringe too! Lovely post Elaine. Made me smile. I think we and our DD's are living parallel lives!