Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day...

I don't really go in for all this contrived romance on 'Hallmark Day' - having said that we did have a nice day today. I got my traditional Valentine's day card with hand penned verses which year on year reflects whatever happens to be going on in our lives eg weddings, babies, extensions etc. This year we are both a bit obsessed with WII fit and weight watchers so here are some of the best which made me giggle today...

Roses are red
I like my meat joints
..pity we wont have one
'Cos we don't have the points!'...


Roses are red
chocolates, a must
Or we'll go to 'fat fighters'
and eat only dust!

It just wouldn't be the same without these little verses!! Instead of red roses and chocolates himself got me WII fitness coach (on my instruction ;-)) and I LOVE it. She's a tough task master but hell she's going to get me fit! Happy to report 11 lbs down since Christmas day and counting!

This morning I went to see my friend Helen's new baby Zac and gave him his first little photo shoot. He's a cutie and was wide awake for a 2 week old...

After we dropped the kids off to girls brigade we did a 7km trek around Malahide coastline which was fun as it was a great day for a walk. Then we had a lovely lunch in Gibneys without any little people spilling anything or needing the toilet just as the food was served - bliss!

Tonight I cooked a delicious Steak Diane meal (from scratch - no MSG! haha!)and for dessert we made a family attempt at demolishing this Thornton chocolates valentine's day present. Well I figured it was a perfect gift for himself...combining his two main passions in life - chocolate and football! I gasped when I counted the points up!!!

My two fairies were complaining that they didn't receive a valentine's day card so the postman made a late delivery of presents and cards for them. It was so funny to hear them discuss the possibilities of who their secret admirers could eh!

Happy Hallmark Day where ever you are especially my folks who met this night 44 years ago...

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