Thursday, May 10, 2007

She did it!!!

Dubray books, Grafton St

Last night my dear pal Niamh Greene had her moment of glory at the launch of her first novel 'Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife'. The big launch took place in the rather cool 'Fallon & Byrne' on Exchequer St. The vino was flowing, courtesy of her publishers Penguin and everyone was so proud of her incredible achievement. She looked a million dollars and quite the celebrity signing copies of the 100 or so books which were sold last night. When she was up there giving her speech I really had to stop in my tracks and ask myself is this the same Niamh who sat in my kitchen sipping coffee for all those years. It just seems her life has made the mose incredible turn and will never be the same again.

Here she is, lady of the moment with the lovely (and much skinnier in real life- clearly the camera does add 10lbs!!) Blaithnaid Ni Chofaigh who hosted the launch and of course the 'Kate' inspired pretty princess Caoimhe.

Audrey really enjoyed the evening and was delighted to have her photo taken with Niamh before she gets to be REALLY famous :-)

It was a proud evening for Niamh's folks. They told me the whole experience has been like a wedding!

BTW today on 'The Afternoon Show' she was listed in the reviewers top 10 books for your holidays and Niamh's was the first book chosen with glowing reviews. She even made it into OK this week with another glowing review. She's currently Irish book of the month in Easons nationwide. I finished the book this morning and all I can say is -hysterical! Go and buy it today!

Go Niamh!!! Remember us mere mortals when you are living in LA negotiating film deals and hanging with your good pal Sharon Stone again (not a word of a lie)!!!!!

PS she will be featured in next Saturday's Irish Times Weekend supplement (12/5/07)!!!



Tigger's rambling said...

Well done niamh, I saw the review on TV3 and it looks like my kind of book. I had planned on buying it today, I didn't know the connection. It will make reading it all the more enjoyable now :-)

noelle said...

It is also Book of the Week in Woman Magazine this week - woo hoo - famous by association I am now!! It looks like a great read, congratulations to Niamh.

JACKIE said...

I bought it last weekend, looking forward to reading it.

Audrey said...

It was such a great night - and Niamh is lovely!!!!! Have a fab signed copy of the book now ;-)

eva birdthistle said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this book, its sounds brill! Congrats Niamh :-)