Friday, May 04, 2007

Ding Dong it's Argos Man!

Was awoken out of my sleepy haze at 7am with a knock on the door from Argos man. When I agreed to accept our new bunkbeds last week between 7am-12pm I honestly didn't believe that any company in Ireland would be so efficient and diligent to mean it. How wrong was I??? Having to make small talk to Argos man at 7am in my pj's while he filled my hall with boxes and mattresses was quite a challenge. Anyway the long anticipated bunkbeds have arrived to the delight of my little ones....It makes me laugh 2 years ago we ripped our house inside out knocking every corner out to add extra bedroom space and now the two of them who have their own bedrooms decide they want to share to be together. Who am I to stand in the way of their grand plan! Said boxes and mattresses will probably remain in our hall for a very long time judging by the amount of latts, screws and allen keys which came with the delivery. DH is out on a work night so he will probably break a leg when he stumbles home later...

My mum came over today which was lovely - usually we go to see her and when she comes here it's because of babysitting, car trouble etc ..but this time she just came over for lunch and sat all afternoon with me in the sweltering heat watching the kids play. Eva and I popped into Tesco this morning and she persuaded me to buy her a 'Sport's day kit' - normally I don't cave in so quickly but it was actually a great little kit and I am frantically arming myself with things to do this Summer when the kids are off so I figured a few egg and spoon / 3 legged/ sack races won't go amiss- especially if there are gangs of kids hanging around looking for things to do in my back garden.

Not one to like having her photo taken I caught her off guard running rings around the kids. Lucy was a terrible cheat - clutching her egg and spoon with both hands and only running halfway down the intended track and turning on her heels to get back to base and claim her prize - will have to sort that one out before primary school starts!

We had big bowls of ice cream to cool down - the look of sheer delight on Lucy's face was totally priceless!

I was tidying up the garden tonight and when I looked up I thought I was seeing things - Eva had washed her Barbies clothes in Barbie's official swimming pool and cleverly hung all the clothes out to dry.....Well as my mum would say there's great 'drying' out these days!

Have a great bank hol weekend - off to watch the lovely Diarmuid Gavin on the Late Late (Yum!)


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