Saturday, May 12, 2007

Madeleine's Eye Holds Vital Clue

Madeleine McCann's family believe a new picture of the missing four-year-old could play a vital role in the search for her. The photo of the youngster shows clearly the her distinctive right eye, where the pupil runs into the blue-green iris.

The new poster of Madeleine
It is this distinguishing mark that will identify Madeleine to those on the lookout for her, according to aunt and uncle John and Diane McCann. The Glasgow couple aim to distribute the appeal poster, which features the Crimestoppers telephone number, as far afield as they can.
Family friend Andrew Renwick told Sky News that support for the search had been "overwhelming" and her family were extremely grateful.

Her right eye
Mrs McCann said: "The purpose of the poster is to highlight the distinction in Madeleine's eye.
"We want to make the most of it, because we know her hair could potentially be cut or dyed."
Mr McCann added: "The poster was designed by a friend of the family and I've begun emailing it to acquaintances in different parts of the world. "I'm asking people to circulate it the best they can and make it be seen."

If you blog or have access to forums please circulate this information to as many people as possible. If Madeleine is still alive, media attention and vigilance will keep her alive.

Thinking of you today Madeleine on your 4th Birthday

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