Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm totally shattered today. I went up to Letterkenny on Friday afternoon to do a craft demo in a stationery shop yesterday. It was a great day -busy and a constant stream of people looking on. I didn't stop for 8 hours. Then I took the 6pm bus back home again and went straight to a dinner party afterwards. So it was 3am when I finally crawled into my bed last night. I'm fit for nothing today as a result :-)

Just booked me some classes for - really looking forward to this weekend away now. Roll on April - there's a great line up of classes especially the ones that Annamarie and myself are doing HaHa! :-) Better get saving for the shopping 'cos it's going to be fantastic!

Last Friday's Scrapwest was Birthdays and this was my effort. The photo was taken at Eva's 6th Birthday party...