Thursday, January 04, 2007

All over for another year...

We had such a great Christmas this year. Lots of family and friends came to visit which is always what makes it for me. There was definitely that Christmas buzz in the air. On Christmas morning the kids were so excited and I was nearly as bad myself waiting on their reaction which was just perfect. We spent half the day playing twister and guess who and it really reminded me of my own Christmases growing up:-)

Santa was good to me too. Amongst other things I got and ipod and a tripod :-) (very poetic!) so that kept me happy.

We went visiting on Christmas morning after Eva was starring as an angel at the Church nativity play. After an hour or so at the folks house we went home and had our first Christmas dinner in our own house which to my surprise was a great success. I had fears of poisoning them all but we survived the experience and even agreed to do the same again next year. I love that snoozy stage around 5pm when everything is eaten and the kids have opened their toys and the soaps or Christmas specials haven't started yet.

Over the next few days we had more family over for dinner and a bunch of college pals over on the 27th - which was great to catch up. Then on the 28th we set off to Galway without the kids (thanks mum!) and went on the town like the good old days. We ended up in the quays for some great live music. Then the next day it was off to Tuam and Westport for a wedding of some pals of ours -Gareth and Lavinia. It was a fabulous wedding - superb venue Knockranny spa hotel overlooking westport and they even upgraded us to a deluxe room which was a total bonus. We were back in time for New years where the fireworks were going off for ages and we had a quiet night in to ring in the new year. Overall I couldnt have planned it any better - one of our better ones.

So happy new year to everyone..hope all your dreams come true in 2007!