Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sometimes things just go missing...

Last Sunday I attended a great workshop called 'Moving on with Textiles'. I had a fear of it as I have no machine sewing experience. However I cracked my fear and succeeded in making two items thanks to the great instruction from our 2 tutors. I came home quite proud of my achievement as it was way more than I expected...Anyway we were using disolvable fabric for our textile boxes so I dunked mine in water to dissolve the said fabric and left it on a plate to dry out.

This is what I made at the course - a little textile bowl and a textile box which are both made by adding layers of textile which is machine sewn together with lots of interconnecting stitches (around 7 hours of work I might add!!!). This is it in it's raw state - I have to add some beading details at some stage...

Anyway on with the story... so off I went to Amsterdam that evening and I left instructions to himself to move it into the window area to dry out. So when I got home from Amsterdam I looked for it and it was nowhere to be seen. HHHHHmmmmm???? So I rang himself and asked if there was anyway he would have thrown it out. Shock horror no he says 'I wouldn't do that to you'. He had no recollection of seeing it and didn't remember moving it etc. I was still slightly suspicious so I rummaged and rummaged in the bin and there it was - my beautiful masterpiece - all mangled up at the end of the bin. HHHhhhhmmmm!!! You can imagine the following conversation - steam and expletives! Still nobody died it was just some fabric....Even so do you think it looks like waste packaging???? ;-)LOL!

Fast forward 2 days and I arrived home last night after dropping the girls to a birthday party. Around 7pm I went to arrange to pick them up and couldn't find my keys (car, gates, house everything!!!). As I had used the keys to get inside the house and the car outside was unlocked and they were nowhere to be seen inside -I had to assume that I had left them in the front door and they had been robbed. Panic insued - thinking of all the stupid things to do!!! There had been a knock on the door - a salesman selling some tickets or other and I hadn't answered it. So there was my culprit. When himself came home and discovered the disaster I was using my textile box as amunition to excuse my amnesia and failing badly!

While himself went to a neighbours house across the road to see if she had remembered anything about the sales guy, a car pulled up - it appeared to be casing out the house and when they saw himself and the neighbour they pulled away quickly. At least this was the what we thought at the time!!! When I heard this my mind was working overdrive. We called the Gardai and started investigating lock changing on the house and the cars.

We were just waiting for them to arrive when we gave the car one more check over and there they were, sitting on the back seat. I have no recollection of how they got there or why I went back out to the car but there you go, sometimes things just go missing and sometimes you can get paranoid! So we're and himself! ;-)


Em said...

Morning Lainey,
Thankyou for the comment on my blog...but...I think you meant it for Lucy.
However, I am glad I got to find your blog. You have beautiful work on here..stunning.
I am SO with you on the 'loosing stuff' thing. I am always searching for things that were right in front of me all the time!

Lainey said...

Hi Em
No the comment was definitely meant for you - I saw your beautiful princess LO last weekend and I was really inspired by your work! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog