Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday's class and crop in Le Cheile Donnycarney

We had a great day today in Donnycarney today and the theme of this class was about something we all know about - age and getting old ;-)I chose to scrap my beloved grampa who lived to be 90 and he was such a great character. The journaling reads 'Who old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?' and I love the concept of this as it allows us to be who we are supposed to be and not what our age dictates us to be...afterall age is just a number -right?

The story behind this layout is based on a conversation I had with my darling grampa when I was a child. He told me that a neighbour of his was complimenting him on how well he was for his age. The conversation went along something like this;

Neighbour 'So how old are you Mr X'
Grampa 'Well how old do you think I am?'
Neighbour 'Oh I wouldn't like to say!'
Grampa 'Well I'm 56' (note he was actually 70 at the time!)
Me ....'So Grampa did you tell her the truth?'
Grampa 'I certainly did not!'
Me 'Hahaha'

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