Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday morning in Grafton St...

I took a trip into Grafton St and it was lovely to take in the buzz of the city centre mid-morning. Everything is moving a nice relaxed pace and there's so much to see if you stop for a moment and open your eyes.

This is an exhibition I discovered in the windows of BT2 - by artist Robert Bradford and these colourful creatures are constructed solely from recycled toys - totally ingenious! I wish he would take a trip to my children's toy room as there would be no dearth of raw materials for his next project!

Then across the way in BT's store were these impressive machines. I'm not a sports car kinda girl but I have to say ...these were impressive! I saw grown men oogling at these machines like kids in a candy store;-)

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Jaime S said...

Those sculptures made me stop and turn my head when I walked past the other day too, amazing hey, he's using toys like clay.