Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lucy's 'infections'

Well it's being a busy week all round, the after school hobbies are in full swing; swimming, violin, speech 'n drama, French, Gymnastics, Piano, Girl's brigade and Ballet. I've also started a few courses myself just in case I might get bored! I've began an intermediate acrylic painting course and a jewellery beading course which I'm enjoying. Tomorrow I start a 3 part weekend course in Textiles with a few of the crafty girls. Not sure about that one as I don't know how to thread my sewing machine just yet (!) but we'll give it a lash. In the middle of all this Lucy had her booster injections in school yesterday which she told me were her 'infections' -so sweet! She had a little fever last night but she's fine today.

Tomorrow night I pack my bags for Amsterdam for a little scrapbooking retail therapy - market research purposes you understand!

Just finished uploading my final portfolio for Cheryl's online photography course - it was great fun to do and I learn't so much in 4 weeks.

Busy Bee Me!

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