Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Travel themed creativity

As we didn't have much of a Summer, I've been working on some travel themed layouts as a way of reminding myself of previous sunny days...

This is the class we did with Annamarie in Whitehall a few weeks ago- a travel themed gate fold album of our holidays in Italy this year..It's a cleverly designed little album jam packed with photos and tags with all the memories written down.

This one was about our honeymoon trip to Pnang nga bay in Thailand when we visited James Bond Island. It was an incredibly beautiful place - I often think about it and the native people we met there as it was in the heart of the tsunami region a few years ago. This one was inspired by a Karen Burniston class I took in Holland last year.

Ok this one was taken in Oz'99 when we visited the Daintree rainforest. Crikey it was one of the scariest places I've ever been. The place we stayed in (Daintree Hotel) was beautiful and idyllic by day but creepy and scary by night - and I mean dangerous (yep poisonous as they turned out to be) hairy scary fang-faced spiders the size of your palm and lizardy things called gekko's crawling all over your walls as the lights went out while they changed over the hotel generator. I didn't sleep a wink when I was there - way too terrified! The best(worst) bit was when we took a walk down to the beach via a shortcut and came across one of these signs telling us that the river (yep that one right beside us) was inhabited with scary crocodiles. It was at that point that I realised I was an out and out true city girl LOL!

After seeing the movie 'Mamma Mia' I was inspired to make this one about our many trips to Greece and the islands we have visited (Simi, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Spinalonga) and all that Greece means to me -gorgeous feta cheese salads, bouzouki music, crystal seas and blue skies...we've promised ourselves a trip back to do the islands once the little ones have grown up and left us;-)

This one is not so exotic but still a favourite place to visit -Fintra Strand in Donegal - a quiet and isolated cove overlooking the north atlantic..

..And this one is a travel LO of a different kind. It's a sneaky peak of my class next Saturday in Donnycarney called 'If I could turn back time' and the idea behind it is if you could go back for a just a few minutes and ask someone a question who has passed on, what would you ask?...

There are still spaces available for this double LO class - check out the Scrapbooking.ie forum for details under crops and get togethers. We will be using the gorgeous new 7 gypsies paper range 'Nottinghill'.


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Marlou said...

I love these fABulous projects :) really love the album you made, beautiful work. Thanks for your lovely comment :)