Saturday, September 13, 2008

Churchtown Class

We had a lovely relaxing morning in Churchtown quaker hall for our monthly scrapbooking class and crop. There's something special about that little meeting room - maybe it's the peace and quiet or the sun lit room but it's a great place to sit and crop (and chat!)... And there was plenty of chat today ;-)

We made this interactive layout using Theresa Collins monochromatic papaers. I love designing interactive layouts because there is always an 'ooh or and ah' factor when people realise that there's something more to it-usually a slider panel or a pop up. I got that reaction today when I revealed the secret panels;-) Thanks to everyone who came along and lovely to meet the newbies who came to the class. Annamarie will be taking the next class on Oct 4th -watch out for the notice on

...and this was the class Annamarie taught last month at Churchtown, using the fab new Prima Marketing papers. Absolutely love them - can't wait for Anita Mundt's class at Halloween Magascrap as she is using another selection from Prima Marketing ;-)

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