Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day out in Belfast...

I set off early this morning in the fog to meet up with Annamarie and from there we took a little trip to Belfast. Officially it was a public relations exercise to visit the craft shops up there, tell them about our big Halloween Megascrap event with Donna Downey and Anita Mundt. Hey it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!

We had a lovely breakfast in the Castlecourt shopping centre, stopping by the gorgeous Molton Brown shop (where we met THE most friendliest and helpful assistant) and then headed over to Bradbury Graphics. Wow it's a great shop - jam packed with craft materials - all the great brands and tons of albums and stamps. Then it was over to Craftworld -bigger again with a huge range of all things crafty. Finally after making a quick stop in the very impressive Victoria square shopping mall we found Forget me knots - another little craft shop close by. We were in our element and came away with our leaflets and posters deposited and our purses a little lighter. Ok if truth be told I went a little nuts on the stamps - just couldn't leave them behind!

So then, as we were in the vicinity - well almost, we took a brief (3 hour!) trip to IKEA - well it would be rude not to! We had a great day, even despite the missed turn down the A1 to Dublin ('cos we were too busy chatting!) and a detour off the Enniskillin motorway to Portadown, we got home an hour ago. We're hoping some of the Northern crafty girls will make a trip as the venue is so central to anyone from over the border. It's actually on the main Belfast to Dublin road so no problems finding it;-) This week we have announced that you can buy half day tickets to the event to suit anyone who wants to make the trip up and back in one day. Book your place here ;-)


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Lynn said...

you lucky ducky! must get the addresses of those shops from you in case I ever manage to make it up north in the near future. And are those Dolly Mama stamps I spy? They are so funny!