Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Month In The Life...

At the end of July I set myself a creative challenge of taking at least one photo a day for the month of August. I thought it might be an easy challenge but I sometimes struggled to find something interesting to capture-I do have a photo of a pile of laundry because that was the highlight on one particular day! It must be all of that rain we had over the last 30 days! However it wasn't all about my washing - I had a scrapbooking class, a holiday in Kilkee, a trip to Ikea in Belfast, a birthday, a craft room overhall, a first day in school, a family photoshoot in Farmleigh, a wedding anniversary, a lunch in the hotel we got married, a night in Carton house, a day at the museum (blah blah blah)... so there's lots to talk about at least! Anyway I kept to my challenge and have a nice portfolio of photos to scrap in an album which is all ready to go. It will be an interesting exercise to continue over the coming years.

Here's a snapshot of the past month in my life.


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JACKIE M said...

Love this idea, we forget so many things we do and places we see, it is like a visual diary.