Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Duchess and other things...

Annamarie and I went along to see 'The Duchess' last night. Boy did women have it tough in those days LOL! Seriously it was a visually stunning movie, beautiful costumes, spectacular hair 'do's, aristocratic mansions to die for, a compelling storyline and of course the flawlessly beautiful Kiera Knightly. Annamarie and I did wonder if she looks like that on a Monday morning? No one in the world is that blemish free surely? Anyway, I loved the movie and the scrapper eye in me couldn't take my eyes off the fabulous costumes and vintage wallpapers - perfect for patterned papers! (tee hee!)

So to crafts this weekend I am teaching 2 classes at Both of my classes are double layouts so we will be busy as we have to complete each in an hour. Here's a sneak preview of what we will be making;

Magical - Travel themed layout

Relax and Chill - Summer themed layout

Hope to see you there!

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Jennifer said...

I'll have to watch that movie! I like Keira!!! Great actress! I really like your summer LO...wonderful colors!!!!