Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

In the words of the famous Perry Como song (did I mention that I sang with Perry Como in the Point in 1993????) 'Oh it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Today we had a treat day in town - a little sneaky day off school and work (shhhh...) to soak up the atmosphere of Christmas and it was just great fun. We started the day by having our breakfast in Debenhams (it was empty!)or 'sausie town' as it is know coloquially in our house because of the nature of breakfast! Then we popped over to Arnotts to visit Santa and he was sitting waiting on us to arrive! He was fab - such an old gentleman and we must have stayed for 30 minutes as there was no one waiting behind. The girls sang a song each and they were enthralled by him.

Then it was down to the Jervis centre to see the Christmas decorations. We spotted snowmen and Santa climbing a rope which again kept the girls entertained for ages.

From there we scooted out to Walkinstown to the Chocolate warehouse to see Santa and visit the factory - yummy smells!! It was a good trip and again we had the place to ourselves. The girls made a cracker from start to finish and we met Santa and the elves.

So we headed home for lunch and then decided to take a quick walk around the Zoo - again it was completely empty - we met about 6 people in the entire time we were there. Met a few interesting characters along the way...

Finally we finished the day with a trip to Liffey Valley to see 'Enchanted' and it was magical. Absolutely loved the Central park scene 'how will she know?'. I wish that happened in real life!

What a great great day - nice to have one of those every now and again!

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