Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Well what a great day we had. I got to bed at 1.45am - had some pottering to do! - and just as I dropped off to sleep at 2am Eva arrived in to tell me that Santa had arrived! I kept telling her that she was so lucky she didn't bump into him on the landing. I finally persuaded her to go back asleep and we all slept in until 8am - yay!

Then it was downstairs to see what pressies we all got. I was so pleased to get this photo of the girls as it captures the excitement of the day. It also reminds me of how excited I was as a child - nervous sick with excitement waiting to get the key to get in.

We all noticed that Santa had enjoyed the refreshments we left for him and we think we spotted some of rudolph's whiskers too!

I was spoilt this year - new flippy up phone, Cricut Expression (winging its way next week or so), perfume, Diana Krall and Oscar Peterson CD's, Stender's gift box (smells to die for!), the Royale Family box set and loads more. However this was one of my fav pressies - ok it was hand chosen but he certainly has been a talking point all week - I call him Harry! :-)

Anyway we had a great and busy day - off to Church where the kids performed in a nativity play, then to mums for an hour just to be together for a short time. Then home to cook the turkey and ham, snooze on the sofa while Ed spent hours making up a lego house with the girls and then a quiet night watching the soaps and sipping wine - bliss! Traditional, predictable and just how I like it! The most important thing is the girls had a ball and that's really all that matters...

Hope you're having a good one!

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HandcraftedbyRuthie said...

OOOOh didn't you do well!! Loving HArry!