Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm as stuffed as the turkey!... know that scene in 'The Meaning of Life' when the waiter asks the guy in the restaurant 'one more 'waf-fur' monsieur'...well that's how I feel today. I'm sick of big dinners and chocolate and wine. Can't wait for a lean January when I will live on water and bread to cleanse my body of Christmas induced toxins! Having said that - it has been a really good week of family get togethers and delicious home cooked meals - as traditional as it gets but that's what it's all about eh...

On St Stephen's day we were on our way to yet another family turkey and ham dinner so we diverted to Dollymount to get some fresh air. It was bitter cold and yet the beach was packed with people walking off the excesses.

We came across a bunch of crazy wind surfers who were being blown around the wild sea. Caught this one just as the sun was going down at 3pm - my God the days are mighty short at this time of year. We didn't last long on the beach as the kids whined about the cold. Still it was nice to get to the beach in December!

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