Friday, December 21, 2007

Lucy totally Rocked! (...the baby Jesus!)

Proud mammy moment coming up,,, :-)Lucy had the starring role of Mary in her nativity play today and she made me proud. For weeks we have been hearing her pottering around the house singing her songs and murmering her 'lines'

Joseph(Noah) 'Will you marry me?'
Mary (Lucy) 'Yes'

She crawled into my bed this morning at 7am and woke me up to tell me that today was her Christmas play - she was so excited. She managed to pull it all off today meeting all her cues to stand up, hold hands, rock the baby Jesus. Watch out Hollywood here she comes!

Incidentally she is now totally in love with Noah (Joseph) and plans to marry him 'in real life!' -her words!


gertie (aka aine) said...

she is just so cute!!!
well done to her, a little starlet in the making!

kathj said...

ahhh wow she is so cute, great photos

Audrey said...

She is just a picture of cuteness! Happy Christmas Elaine!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

WELL DONE TO LUCY!! (My youngest was a shepherd)...
Fabulous photos, bet you had to keep doing the sneaky wiping eyes thing - I always end up crying lol lol


HandcraftedbyRuthie said...

So cute - what brill pics to have!!