Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So I'm driving home this lunchtime, kids in the back of the car, minding my own biz. As I approach a roundabout there's three lanes heading in the same direction. I'm in the middle lane. Next this car to my left completely ploughs into my lane. I swerve to avoid and beep on the horn to let the driver now that she is going to anihilate me and the kids unless she moves. And you would think that would be the end of it. Instead little miss irresponsible is driving on one hand with the phone up to her right ear. Next thing she sticks her finger out the window (classy lady!) while driving AND while on the phone and doing so swerves again at me! Even the juggernaut behind her blasted her out of it for being a stupid airhead. At one stage she passed me and slowed down as she came up to my window (like it's MY fault!). Honestly!!! - I locked my door to be sure (LOL!) as she was the type of nutter that could go ballistic with the right provocation.

Anyway enough of that - rant over. Last week I got some lovely birthday cards from the girls at www.Craftsupplies.ie and I've promised to show the talent so here you go...

L-R: Audrey, Tigger, Sabrina

L-R: Caroline O, Jackie C, Lebosi

L-R: Neasa, Joanne

L-R: Noelle, Lara, Kiki

Aren't they gorgeous! I love receiving handmade cards - all the detail and work which goes into them. Thanks girls! Much appreciated!

I've been a busy bee these last few days and weeks getting ready for Crafteire at the weekend (whoohoo!). I have my heritage class completed and I'm still working on my heritage album. Also have been doing up some samples for Linda of Kelly Crafts. She's selling these gorgeous little mini albums at crafteire to alter. Got a few done and I can show you them now;

My Honeymoon

Holiday to Oz '99

Inter rail '95

Wedding album


Audrey said...

Gorgeous cards, and the mini albums are lovely - how do you get so much done?????

CarolineO said...

A super collection of cards, and your mini books are fabby!

Tigger's rambling said...

The cards look fab :-)