Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ahhhh... beginning to come back down to planet earth...

...after such a great weekend. Some photos are starting to trickle through - this was taken after Kate's presentation for her forthcoming nuptials next month (brave lady having a mini wedding one month before the actual wedding event!)...

If you haven't seen Kirsty Wiseman's blog recently go and check it out now...right now..the link is on your right. She took some amazing shots of Dublin like you have never seen it and all the pretty ladies who were there at the weekend. Clever Kirsty!!! She inspired me to dig out my canon yesterday to take some shots of the girls and this is what I came up with...I love photographing my kids now as I know in a couple of years time they will run a mile when I produce the camera so I am happy to capture them while they are willing to don a pose for me.

A typical Lucy pose- there's mischief in them there eyes!

We took some fun shots of our hands together for Kirsty's 'mother's hand's competition which closes 1st May so hurry hurry and get scrappin!

These are the last few projects I've done for SCRAPWEST blog which happens every Friday night at 9pm.

Inspired by you (and you your clothes Eva!)

Me Myself and I (it's a really dark photo as I took it in the depths of the Winter but I like the way it is moody...a bit like me says dh LOL!)

Playtime (contrasting weather here. I took this last October on a beach in Lanzarote. The girls were sitting on the pedalos for over an hour pretending to sail...)

Turning Japanese

Talk later -I have a 101 things to do today and this isn't getting any of them done! Hey one more sleep to our big concert tomorrow night 'Westlife!' (WhooHoo!!!)....

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Audrey said...

great photos of the girls Lainey - isn't it hard to come down after the weekend!!!