Friday, February 09, 2007

Having one of those weeks - where you cant wait for the weekend because the week is finally over:-) Tuesday night Ed closed the ensuite door on Eva's fingers - yikes! You should have heard the scream - you just knew there was going to be trouble. I was half afraid to look in case there was a finger missing but thankfully two of them were a bit squashed. She insisted she couldn't bend them so Ed took her to Temple St. After an hour he texted me to say she was moving them perfectly - now there's a surprise! He decided to wait it out to be sure so one X-ray, 2.5 hours and a 2 minute consultation (not to mention €50) they were home again with no breaks or fractures to report TG.

Then yesterday, it's snowing and I run to pick up Eva at school. I parked the car on the main st where the school is and go get her. Then when I try to start the car - nothing happens, nada, zilch! 30 minutes later I'm still trying and in the meantime Eva is having a meltdown wondering how we are ever going to get home. So I ring the garage I normally deal with (a mile away) - they agree to take the car in but I have to arrange my own tow company at €97 (for 1 mile!). Just as I'm trying to arrange that - guess what - yep the phone battery dies. Finally I get myself sorted by using the school phone and Mr charming from the tow company arrives to take the car away while I bundle the kids into a taxi -and it's still snowing btw! This was all finished off with Eva spilling an entire box of Special K all over the kitchen floor just as we got home - gotta love those kids of mine :-) Needless to say I was tucked up in bed by 10pm last night with a hot drink for my sore throat.

Thankfully today is a better day...cos it's Friday.