Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day (aka Happy Hallmark Day:-))

I hit the shops early this morning to secure my pack of 'guaranteed tender fillet steak' from Marks & Spencers, knowing that the world and it's lover will be eating in or dining out tonight. My assumption was correct as there were rows upon rows of men hovering around the red card section and the naughty and tasteless underwear section of M&S. It's always funny observing men on the 14th Feb - looking all awkward and embarrassed paying for their purchases. One guy in particular must have spent ten minutes playing with the pop up bit of the card he had picked out -typical man... more interested in the engineering function than the sentiment.... I'm sure it's intended recipient is over the moon with it right now:-)

Anyway being a hopeless romantic myself I made dh a present which I can't show here right now as it is also doubling up as my Scrapwest project. Ye will have to wait til the weekend to see it....However this is what I did last weekend for the title of 'Family'.

My two girls both made sure I had a delivery from them for Valentine's day - Eva made me a card and signed it 'Eva - I rote it myself' (bless) and Lucy made me a lovely parcel of marshmallows dipped in chocolate with a big jelly on top in montessori. I would have photographed it to show here except she ate the lot when I left her alone for a minute (bless!!!). I told dh not to bother with Tesco's wonderful offer of €95 for a dozen red roses - instead get me some stamps (the rubber/craft variety) haha! So off I go now to cook my 'guaranteed tender fillet steak!' Bon Appetite everyone....