Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crazy day...

My poor mum has had a rotten flu on her for 2 weeks which developed into bronchitis. Then she pulled a muscle coughing and had to go on steroids. She was still showing no improvement this last week and then on Wed/Thurs she started to get a bad pain in her leg. Long story short she ended up in hospital with a suspected DVT. Last night was awful as we had to just wait and see. Her scan came back clear but her bloods were up and the pain was still persisting. She was given a shot of heparin as a precaution and spent the night in a chair with all the others in A&E.

I went in this morning to see her and the nurse told us it was likely that she had a DVT and would need warfarin for 6 months. Then an hour later she got discharged and they said it was muscular. We're still none the wiser so she has to go back on Tuesday for a follow up. Hopefully there will be some answers soon. She gave us all such a fright as she's superwoman - always running and never sick. Anyway thanks for all the good wishes today at the crop in Le Cheile. Hopefully she'll be on the mend soon.



Kate said...

Oh gosh Lainey that's an awful fright to get. I hope your Mum will be on the mend very soon and that ye get some answers. {{{HUGS}}}

JACKIE M said...

Lainey hope your Mum is better soon and up and running around again =0)