Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Baracka Obama bin Laden!

Wow what an historic day today- I was delighted to wake up to the news that Barack Obama has swept the board. In these days of recession we could all use some new young fresh thinking and he certainly seems to be the man with the plan. His speech was really inspiring and you can understand the emotion it generated...

Today I overheard a funny conversation between a Moore St fruit trader and an Eastern European road sweeper. It went like this...

Street Trader lady 'hey - did you hear that Barackaaaaa O'Bama won the American election??? (insert authentic Dublin accent here!)
Road sweeper guy 'Who?'
Street Trader lady 'You know yer man - Barackaaaaa O'Bama?
Road Sweeper guy (jokingly) ' Do you mean Osama Bin Laden?'
Street trader lady 'Yeh sumptin like dah'


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