Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good news...Bad news...

Good news - I got a nice new car...
Bad news - it got taken away from me today (6 days old!!!) as the computer on board is faulty ...I do not have a good relationship with my cars!

Bad news - the insurance man has being playing silly buggers with my case (remember THAT sewage incident before Christmas!) He thinks we were overcharged by Dynopoo- yeh well it was Christmas week and btw Mr Assessor...your boss told me to just get it sorted as we needed to be able to flush the toilet over the Christmas festivities! He offered a measly €2,500 off the €4k bill - not good enough mate!

Good news - After stern words from my DH yesterday - he backed down and agreed to pay the lot - RESULT!

Good news - I found a roof contractor! Remember THAT roof problem before Christmas - yeh the same week as THAT sewage problem!

Bad news - he cancelled without letting me know today - yep I'm telepathic and can absolutely read your mind sunshine!

Good news - he's rebooked me in for Sat am - we shall see!

Got lost in utube for an hour with Eva tonight - we had such a giggle with this one!

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Annamarie said...

Looks like the good news is outweighing the bad thankfully. Can't wait to see your new motor!