Friday, February 01, 2008

St Brigid's Day

In a previous life, this day was classified as my other birthday - but that's a long story :-) Yeh you know who you are!!!

It's allegedly the first day of Spring but I'm not buying it. I can never understand our nation's confusion about the first day of Spring. Clearly it's not here yet, not even a glimpse of it after that deluge of hailstones and torrential rain yesterday. In Italy, they classify first Spring day as 1st March to coincide with the first soltice - now that makes sense to me. It must be part of the curriculum in primary school that Feb 1st is D Day as the teacher tells them it is. My daughter and I have a little pact and agreement-let teacher think that she's right but really we know the truth :-)

So to crafts...this is my altered Marks & Spencer's wallet holder. I bought himself a new one in the January sales and I couldn't throw out the lovely black box it came in -I have a whole drawer full of other similar sized boxes which have missed the fate of the recycle bin for the same reason. I had created this 3D expanding card/mini album (inspired by Carrie's Scrapwest cybercrop class)as a momento of our 10th wedding anniversary in Adare last August and when closed up it fits perfectly in my little wallet box so you see there is a reason for my hoarding sometimes!



Audrey said...

Its beautiful Elaine - and what lovely memories ;-)

Kwebbel said...

I'm Susanne from Germany - (my english is not so good, sorry!)

I like your lo's and the minibook! - Thank you for showing!

I look around the world of scrapper and seach from every country a scrapper, and placeed them on my Blog - you are my scrapper from Irland!
If you want, you can look on my blog!
I wish you every time many ideas for good lo's - and perhaps you visit my page in germany!