Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Temple St Dramas...

This seems to happen every Spring - I have started to detect a pattern for the past 3 or so years...Last night Eva came down at 9pm crying with a bad headache at the sides of her head and at the back. Gave her calpol and went to bed and she was fine. I just happened to wake at 3am to check her - don't ask me why as I normally never wake - call it mother's instincts or something...and she was 39.7 and disoriented, still had bad headache and was complaining of sore neck as well. I quickly rang VHI nurseline (guardian angels in my opinion) and they suggested I go straight to A&E.

Ten mins later I was in a taxi to Temple St. Unbelieveably there were 2 waiting and I hadn't even sat down when i was called in, seen by a nurse, allocated a bed and seen by a Doctor within 20 mins. They ruled our meningitis which is the only thing I was concerned about. We were home by 5.30am once her temp came down to a reasonable level. It looks like it's a strep throat or tonsilitis. Have been just monitoring her all day - she's still spiking a bit but I'm sure it will be fine. Will take her to GP on Monday if still the same.

All the stories you hear on Joe Duffy radio show about the crippling health service blah blah blah ...and I just waltzed in and out and got the best attention. Feel kinda lucky! The staff are so overworked and they still are so professional nevertheless...Hats off to them all!

Anyway some good Christmas present finally came from the States on Thursday morning - Cricut Expression. Waiting for some more parts to arrive (like mats and carts) but have been fiddling around with it... without much success. It's difficult minding sick kiddies and playing with your Christmas pressies at the same time. Mothers duty overrules...

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