Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where's my baby gone?...

Lucy turned 4 today and I can't believe she's that age already. She's such a funny little girl and still my little baby at heart - bless her! We stayed up at her cousin's house last night as we were at a friend's house (Orla and Gary's) for a dinner party nearby. It was great crack - gorgeous food and loads of giggles. One of the girls there Carol is a pro photographer so we had fun learning how to get the most flattering angles. I dont know how many photos she took of us all but cant wait to see them (Not! haha!). We dragged ourselves away at 2am and the kids were up at 7am ....doncha just love when that happens!

Avril my SIL did a little photo shoot today to capture Lucy on her birthday and she got some fab shots of the kids...They were compliant for around 20 minutes then it went pearshaped!

I have been looking for a nice family shot for ages - even last year we had a version of this one taken at Venture but it wasn't great so I didn't buy it. So today we tried it again and I liked how it turned out - thanks Avril!

Happy Birthday Lucy Lou!



noelle said...

Happy Birthday Lucy - what gorgeous blue eyes you have :)

Great photos

CarolineO said...

Belated happy birthday to Lucy too! Gorgeous pics! Can't wait to see the ensuing LO's!!

Carrie said...

Aaahhhh - Lucy is definetly all grown up now - gorgeous piccies.

Happy birthday Lucy !!!!

Kate said...

Aah the pics are fab, you'll have great fun scrapping them. Especially love the top pic. :-)

eva birdthistle said...

Love the family photo!!! Happy Birthday Lucy :-)