Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Sunday (da dah -dah di -da di dah.....)
And there was I thinking the rain had finally left us and sunny days were back. Ah well - back to indoor crafting to keep the kids from going around the twist and dragging their mother with them...LOL! I met up with Annamarie yesterday and we popped into Smyth's toy store. As it's Lucy's birthday next week I bought her a 10ft trampoline for her pressie and will hopefully provide the party entertainment as well. It's still in the box today in the garden in a puddle of water as the rain has been chucking down since we woke up. It better be gone by next week or I'm in trouble for party entertainment!

Well to take away the rainy blues -here's my Scrapwest for this week - Holidays. I took the photo last month in Italy. We loved it there so much we just booked again for next year - whoo hoo! Bring back the sun!

Last week (when the sun shone!) the girls had fun washing their dollies. It really is the simple little things that keep them occupied - once they get extracted from Nick Jr! Lucy has a thing about lining up her toys in rows - I wonder is she showing early signs of scrapbooking or photography - all of those leading lines....hhhmmm.

Yesterday I picked up my papers from Annamarie for next week's crop and class. Will give a little sneak preview of the LO in a while as it still needs some finishing touches but here's a peek at the papers...I was setting up the kits last night and had them strewn all over the kitchen! I know ..I know it's just not like me to have blue papers (haha!!!). I promise you will like them as they are double sided and full of colour. Watch this space..

I've had some requests to see my new hair***do*** well here ya go - nothing too radical I'm afraid. Nothing as adventurous as Tigger's new do. Go check it out on her blog. After the week she had last week I can see why she would need to celebrate with a new image!

My niece Laura (and babysitter) is home from hols -hallelujah! so we are going out on the town tonight. It's gonna be a late one!


Audrey said...

Hope you had a great night - looking good.

Just tagged you on my blog ;-)

eva birdthistle said...

Love the hair!