Friday, August 03, 2007

What a difference good weather makes...

Last week we didn't leave the house much because the weather was so dreadful. This week we were up and out most days making the most and what a difference it makes to your wellbeing! Tuesday was the botanical gardens, Wednesday we went to the Zoo with my friend Susan and her three kiddies Martha, Sean and Grace.

It was lovely to see the new baby elephants in their new architecturally customed designed housing complete with viewing amphitheatre and bathing area - we didn't get to see them up close but hey we'll get them next week now that I have my new Zoo membership card. The donkeys were a big hit with the kids too - they fed them leaves for ages and enjoyed getting up close and personal.

Then yesterday we went to mums and we all got our hair cut (I love getting my hair cut! and so do the girls). Today, we met up with Muriul and Grace before she pops (baby no 2 due any day) and went to Newbridge House which is a fantastic place to run around and burn up energy.

After lunch and the swings and slides for and hour we finished up with a picnic and the kids had fun chasing crows...'shooing' them away. It was all going really well until they (Lucy and Grace) decided to take their clothes off and run around practically buck naked. I will never undertand this facination Lucy has to go starkers... Hope she grows out of it by the time she's a teenager!


JACKIE M said...

LOl Lucy will be very popular if she doesnt grow out of it LOL

Elaine I have tagged you on my blog.

Karva said...

LOL at Lucy sounds like you all had a great time. Let's see the new hair doo.
See you next week!!

Tigger's rambling said...

Ha ha....Bronwen used to do the same, she is just about grown out of it :-)

I can't wait to see your new hairdo. I got a new one too. I have a bad photo of it on my blog, but you get the idea :-)

eva birdthistle said...

Wan to see the hair please :-)Thos photos are sp scrappy, fab!

Neasa said...

Just been catching up with your blog and this one really made me laugh. 1) My dd is quite happy to run around starkers all day, every day and 2)My Mom and sis brought her and ds to the zoo last week and all she wanted to see were the donkeys! There are donkeys in every 2nd field around here! Love the pics of your kids. They are so beautiful.