Sunday, December 17, 2006

Busy busy week this week - it's always the way at this time of year...On Tuesday I went to the arc angels craft club and we made a gorgous altered tin with Christmas recipes which we each made 20 or so of and swapped so now I have 20 yummy Christmas recipes to experiment if I'm feeling brave :-) Either that or it's down to M&S for me this week!

On Tuesday I started rehearsals with the Glasnevin Musical Society for a Gilbert & Sullivan concert in the NCH in January. It's nice to go back to it as I haven't sung with them since May.

Friday we went to the Perm ballet in the Point Depot (Sleeping Beauty). I brought my eldest dd thinking she would be enthralled as she is taking classes but alas no! She fidgeted and whined her way through the 2 and a half hours - asking me constant questions like where's the wicked fairy, when will she fall asleep, when will she wake up yada yada yada. It was a fabulous performance but next time I go with adults. Thank God I didn't bring Lucy Lou!

Last night we met up with our college crew for dinner in Ely - a new cool wine bar/restaurant in the IFSC. It was great fun to catch up but the food was so slow (and cold!) and they messed up some orders. So we eventually got a free magnum of champagne and a large discount off the bill which was pretty good.

Today we offloaded an old suite of furniture so spent the day rearranging the house - moving things to different rooms etc. It always feels good to do that - maybe it's fung shui or somethin'...Tonight I nearly had a Christmas disaster on my hands. All the Christmas things are well hidden in a press which is locked. Somehow Eva managed to climb and get the key. She told me she opened the press and a black bag started to fall on her head so she shoved it closed and then came to tell me - at least that is what she said. We were running out the door to a carol service when this happened. So when I got back I had to secretly move the stuff and restage the press with black bags and then allow her open the press! Phew think I got away with it but Im half afraid she saw more then she told me...cant decide whether to bring back everything and start again! The little minx!

Anyway my projects are up this month on the design team and they are suitably festive - well most of them!