Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OMG what a day I've had...left my house at 3.15pm to bring the kids over to their pals and have a cuppa with my friend Niamh and in the rush to get everyone in the car I banged the door behind me leaving my keys in the back of the door. Thank God for good neighbours - my lovely neighbour Bill came to the rescue jumping walls and using coat hangers to try and fish them out in vain. Eventually I got a locksmith out 2 hours later (the poor kids were frozen and traumatised ..convinced they were sleeping on the street tonight!). He tried opening the door with ...wait for it...a piece of plastic!!! I was horrified. He said 99% of the time a piece of plastic will open any door that isn't locked - scary!!! Thankfully the new door we had installed last year is a bit of a fort knox door and he failed miserably with that technique. 90 minutes later in 3 degrees weather he fished the key out and we got back in after a 3+ hour saga!!! So relieved to get home and it makes that current radio advert for the homeless 'when did she lose her keys?' take on a whole new meaning for me! Have just started to thaw out now!

Anyway...went to see my new idol Mr Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and he was fab! Move over Pierce as he makes you look like a flake. I'm not a huge fan of Bond films but it seemed to be a more touchy feely kinda movie with all the white knuckle stunts to boot. Pretty impressive when you realise that the guy in the opening scene does his own stunts - you know.. the guy who jumps building tops in the BBC ad! The glamour was great too and the amazing scenery of Montenegro and Venice was a bonus. Definitely one to see on the big screen...

On Sunday (just before the storm kicked off) we took the kids to the Natural History Museum and the National Art Gallery. They had a ball and loved all those stuffed animals. Lucy kept telling me how cute the tiger was etc etc (bless!). When she turned a corner and saw the enormous Hippo standing there in front of her...well lets just say it was time to leave!