Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On a roll...so I am...;-)

After a rather dry spell of scrapbooking over the Summer holidays...I am back on the wagon and enjoying putting my layouts together...here's a few of the newer ones I made in the past week..

I took both of these photos of my girls in  a little town called Sirmione in Italy this Summer and in fact the wall they are standing against is the previous home of Maria Callas...it's actually on the market if anyone is interested! ;-)

And this is how they look side by side in my album...

The next layout is entitle 'Ipod Chicks' and it describes how my two magpies hijack my Iphone/Ipod at every opportunity. They can't wait to grow up so they can have their own!

The next one is called 'Thank Heavens for little girls' and it shows my eldest in Glendalough which is a beautiful and well known 12th Century monastic site just a few weeks ago...
Finally the last one is the same photo in the previous posting but just scrapped in a different way...I figure I have two girls who may one day want to have these albums of mine for themselves. This way they have one each!



Annamarie said...

Wow, you have been busy scrapping! Beautiful layouts and fab photos too!

Elisa said...

Fabulous layouts, Lainey. The one with your DD1 in Glendalough is my favourites, beautiful shades of blue.
And the last one is great too, love that photo!