Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ed's Birthday

Myself and himself were born 8 days apart in the same hospital. Every year on his birthday I like to maximise this by saying he's a year older than me even if it is shortlived. It's kinda mad to think we started out in the same place at roughly the same time and then met up some 20 years later. One of the first movies we ever saw when we started dating was 'When Harry met Sally' and throughout the movie they interview these little old couples on the couch about how they first met. We laughed our heads off when one of the sweet little old couples came out with 'we were born 8 days apart in the same hospital'. Spooky! There are some benefits to having your birthday so close - we will probably always have a joint birthday party for those significant numbers. We had a great 60th a few years back and now we are looking ahead at our 80th ;-)

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