Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spent a fab day with Eavan and the kiddies at Imaginosity and it was so much fun. Basically it's like mini adult world for kids - lots of interactive stuff and it's all geared towards stretching the kid's imagination. There's 3 floors of fun stuff to do and you book 2 hour slots at a time (pre-booking advised!). Inside there's
* A supermarket
* A hospital
* A diner
* A stage complete with costumes, lighting and sound effects
* A green screen where the kids pretend to be rockstars with electric guitars and
they appear on a music video on the screen
* A news desk - again they appear on TV screens
* Art studio
* Climbing frames
* roof top playground - opening soon
* Cafe for the exhausted parents (with top class facilities)

Really can't recommend it highly enough - and at 7.50 for a great day out each it was cheap at the price!



Crafty Angel said...

Wow, this place looks great!! Have just googled it and shown pic to OH, going to take the children. Yours kiddies look like they had a wail of a time! :)

Kathryn said...

Heard about this place and it does look cool. Only drawback I have about it is that my friend who booked to take her children next week has to pay €2 for a 3 week old!! That's a rip off, the child sleeps all the time what is she going to see??

HandcraftedbyRuthie said...

Wow Lainey this looks fab. CAn't get over how all the kids have grown up so much especially H !!