Thursday, October 04, 2007

Summer is back!

Today was a super sunny day - like the ones you used to get in these parts many moons ago **sigh**. It was great -the girls dressed up in their costumes with their pals who were over on a playdate- (practicing for halloween !)and they bounced their little socks off on the trampoline. Wish we could have a few more weeks of this before it goes all grey and icky!

So tomorrow myself and a few of the girls are heading to Cork for 'Scrapfest by the Lee'. I'm teaching a class on Saturday using some lush Cherry Arte papers with a hint of Indian style. This is a 100% charity event to raise awareness and funds for Action Breast Cancer so if you are in the area pop in as it's going to be a great day. This is a little preview of my class layout...

We have a busy scrappin calendar of events coming up. After Scrapfest there is the Cavan crop on 20th Oct, followed by the Scrapwest Cyber Crop on Sunday 21st Oct and then my class on 27th Oct. If you would like to take part in Scrapwest's first ever cyber crop, check out and and for more details of classes and kits available. I've just finished designing my class and here is the kit I started out with which might inspire you to root out a nice photo. The title is 'You are my Sunshine'. I've seen some of the other classes and they are really cool so keep tuned for more details of how to take part.

Ok here's a funny 'blonde moment' story which happened to me last week - God honest truth! I went to the last of my CS2 photoshop night classes last Tuesday in town and was in a hurry to park the car so the only space I could get- was up this dark and lonely street. So I parked in a loading bay -or so I thought! It was after 7pm so I figured I would be ok. Two hours later I finish the course and arrive out to the street to see my car clamped.
I pretty much danced a hissy fit - cursing myself for being so careless and freaking out because I was stuck down a dark alley waiting on Mr Clamper to come and release me which can sometimes take an hour. So I get to the car - take the instruction pack from the windscreen and get the credit card out to pay the €80 to get 'free from jail' so to speak. I dial the number, start to speak to the nice lady who was happily waiting to take the money from me. Just then I look in the car and I see a leopardskin coat. I think to myself 'funny I don't own a leopardskin coat and as far as I can recall neither does my husband!' The penny drops - eh wrong car. I hung up abruptly and shoved the ticket back in the envelope and stuffed it back under the windscreen wiper and legged it - hoping a Garda wouldn't arrive and accuse me of perversing the course of justice or something! Jeez- I was seconds away from paying someone else's clamp fee. My car was 3 behind in the loading bay, this car -same make, same colour - was in a wheelchair spot - Haha LOSER! I laughed so hard all the way home -it really made my week!
Every cloud ..and all that!


Elisa said...

Lovely photo of Lucy! The mini-summer we had was great, we also had a great time.

I am sure your class for scrafest will be fabulous!

Neasa said...

Sounds like something that would happen to me Lainey!!! Your kit looks lovely. Hope I can join in on the day...