Friday, July 13, 2007

Will this rain ever stop????

Apparently it's been raining in this country for 34 consecutive days...what's that all about? Remind me again but it is July isn't it! I'm so glad we had the foresight to book our holidays in the middle of the rainy season! It's really beginning to get the nation down at this stage.

So it's Friday 13th and so far nothing terrible has happened to me apart from a trip to the dentist where I had to endure 15 minutes of 'root planing' and yes it was as disgusting and uncomfortable as it sounds. Have you ever tried to answer a dentist's endless questions about your holidays, the kids etc etc when he has a suction hoover and water gun in your mouth. Interesting challenge!

Tomorrow we are having our crop and class in Castleknock. It's been a year since I started this monthly get together and I'm delighted how the year has gone. You won't meet a friendlier bunch of women - all as nuts about crafts as each other (myself included!). I think that's why they keep coming back for more LOL! I dont normally give sneak preveiws but as I'm going to Donegal tomorrow afternoon I wont get a chance to upload so here is the lippy chick style album we are going to make with lovely Blue Cardigan papers (I love this brand - wish it was more readily available).

Back next week


Audrey said...

Love the book Elaine

Carrie said...

Great book Elaine and glad you enjoyed the holiday.

ps. I have just tagged you, details on my blog =0)